Advancing peace through ethics requires many hands and much time:  It requires the building of knowledge, and the communication of that knowledge to those with authority over people, resources and institutions.  It requires interaction as well as thinking.  It requires participation in the affairs of humankind. Peace through ethics is active as well as passive.

In this context, and in keeping with CPE’s non-political, non-partisan and non-affiliated character, CPE will actively seek to fulfill its mission/vision by engaging in two primary forms of activity:

First, CPE will serve as a clearinghouse.  CPE will provide an informal institutional space within which individuals could pursue individual or collaborative research, writing and other activities that serve to further the mission/vision of CPE of advancing peace, in all of its senses, through ethics.  To this end, CPE will encourage and facilitate its members, affiliates and participating individuals in selected independent or collaborative activities that fall within the CPE mission/vision.  CPE will not routinely enforce or take an official position with respect to the projects facilitated or the work produced.

Second, CPE will serve as a vigorous member of global civil society in its own right.  CPE will directly further its own mission/vision.  Central to the accomplishment of this objective are CPE’s own institutional activities.  CPE will produce knowledge.  CPE will educate policy makers.  CPE will forge partnerships and alliances with other global civil society actors to further its mission of advancing peace, in all of its senses, through ethics.

Specific Objectives:

 *   Facilitate the work of its members, affiliates and other selected individuals and organizations.

*   Participate, endorse, sponsor or facilitate conferences, symposia, meetings and other events conforming to CPE’s mission  and furthering CPE’s vision.

*    Publish or distribute its work and the the work of its members, affiliates, and selected individuals and organizations conforming to CPE’s mission and furthering CPE’s vision.

*     Working with governmental and non-governmental and religious organizations in projects conforming to CPE’s mission  and furthering CPE’s vision.

*     Produce analyses on topical issues of law, culture, politics, public policy, society and religion for distribution to policymakers, civil society and the general public.

*   Participate vigorously in civil society at the local, regional, national and international levels.

*    Form strategic alliances with other elements of civil society, government, and religious institutions in furtherance of CPE’s mission and furthering CPE’s vision. Strategic partnering is a cornerstone of the working methodology of CPE.