Ethics is the method, the path to and defense of this state of being. CPE understands ethics as that set of principles grounded in human dignity, respect, duty and obligation that are elaborated in the following set of principles that will serve to guide CPE and its work:


1.  Do no harm.

2.  Resist harm directed from others.

3.  Control yourself.

4.  Resist controlling others.

5.  Respect power.
6.  Share power.

7.  Nurture power.

8.  Accept the limitations of membership in communities.

9.  Resist abuses of community authority.

10.  Seek harmony.

11.  Seek balance.

12.  Communicate.

13.  Avoid coercing behavior.

14.  Resist coercing behavior in others.

15.  Find common ground.

16.  Respect difference.

17.  Avoid abuse of difference.

18.  Empathize.

19.  Resist surrendering identity to others.

20.  Peace is the ultimate value.

21.  Coerced peace is the betrayal of all values.