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CPE serves as an institutional environment for an ideology free, non-partisan and independent investigation, analysis, scrutiny, research, inquiry, examination, and practice of peace and ethics.  To that end, CPE will encourage and support boundary-pushing, multi- and interdisciplinary research that advances an understanding of issues relating to peace and ethics studies, including issues of constitutional governance, globalization, public and private economic activities and their social, cultural, economic, religious and political impacts.  It will serve as a forum for the discussion of issues of peace and ethics as they affect individuals, governments, religion, business, and other organizations.  It will also serve as a clearinghouse for the advancement and dissemination of information relating to peace and ethics study. It will promote activities that seek to further the peace and ethics principles that serve as the foundation of the organization. CPE will engage in three categories of activities: (1) producing knowledge through peace & ethics research projects; (2) communicating knowledge through peace & ethics education projects; (3) implementing knowledge through the council for peace & ethics groups.

Implementing the CPE Mission