Assistance to Chinese Immigrants in New York (Not Legal Advice; May 2017) 中国移民在纽约义务援助项目(非法律建议):

Know your Rights, An Information Guide to the Basics of New York State Legal System  了解您的权益,纽约州法律制度基础信息指南

Starting a new life in a foreign land has always been exciting for many new immigrants, but it can also be quite challenging and stressful: there is so much to learn. Language and culture barriers sometimes make this process even harder. When you have an unexpected dispute with your neighbors, your sellers, your landlords, or your local government agencies, you have no clue how to react or proceed. You worried that others might take advantage of you.

America is a civilized society with rule of law: it promotes justice and fairness while condemns violence and inequitable acts. It has a long history of common law tradition and evolving democratic social culture. It is not uncommon that some norms and practice adopted by new immigrants from their home country might not conform with the standard here. Sometimes, misunderstanding could be dangerous and illegal.

The mission of this booklet is to provide new immigrants a framework of basic knowledge about American legal system and concept (New York State as an example) in their native language, so they could be more confident and comfortable in terms of understanding the nature of their disputes, and taking proper action to resolve such disputes. This booklet invites new immigrants to take advantage of the information provided here to understand and respect American legal culture and rules, to protect their rights and liberty, to get the help they need.

The research and drafting of this booklet is supervised and supported by Larry Catá Backer (白 轲) a director of the Coalition for Peace & Ethics (“CPE”), an independent organization founded in 2006, which engages and promotes the production and dissemination of knowledge that is meant to empower people to take control of their lives for personal and societal betterment in ways that are respectful to individuals and the communities to which they belong. Its website can be accessed at Backer also serves on the faculty at Pennsylvania State where he teaches classes in law. . Dr. Gao is a member of CPE.





本信息指南的编写在宾西法尼亚州立大学Larry Cata Backer教授以及The Coalition for Peace & Ethics 组织的支持以及监督指导下完成。该组织是一个于2006年成立的非营利、非党派的独立非政府组织。该组织的创立旨在参与和支持知识和信息的组织和传播。通过分享知识来帮助人们独立自主完善个人的生活,从而益于社会以及他们的社区。


BOOKLET (English) Know your rights information guide to basic of new york law

小册子 中国语言 维护您的权益纽约州法律信息指南



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